Summary of the open-door day - a complete success!

by Cannerald
Posted on August 4, 2022 17:00

Dear Cannerald and CannerGrow Community,

14 days from announcement of the Cannerald Open-door Day...
despite vacation time and beautiful weather...
574 visitors on Saturday, July 30, 2022 on site with the same passion for cannabis - a complete success!

We are overwhelmed by the many visitors and the enormously positive feedback from every single visitor, customer, sales partner and interested party!
We are happy for everyone who took the last chance to have a look at our unique production on site with their own eyes and were able to perceive it with all their senses.
Despite our consistently transparent blog articles (click) and YouTube Videos (click), according to feedback from visitors over the past few years, it is something completely different to have been at our unique production in person and to be able to see the dimensions of our Cannabis Facility.
From now on it is no longer possible to visit our Cannabis Facility.

Since many people could not come by personally due to the holiday season, we have a photo collage with 200 pictures from the open-door day:
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We would also like to thank MSS Security GmbH, which actively supported us with security personnel.
This was the only way we could offer and implement the open-door day, since, as described in previous blog articles, we already store THC seeds from the FOPH (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health) in our production for the early cultivation of THC mother plants.

MSS Security GmbH Germany is part of our company group structure of the Emerald Group AG Switzerland.
MSS Security will take over the security monitoring of our facilities, the productions and the GMP area of Cannerald AG for us through a Swiss branch.
This has been in the planning for over a year since we have been in contact with the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland) and SwissMedic.
For the cultivation of THC cannabis, you need reliable security monitoring, since cannabis with more than one percent THC in Switzerland falls under the (BetMG.) Narcotics Act.
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To ensure even more transparency - here you can visit the website of our company group:
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Go to the Emerald Group AG website here (click)

More great news:
Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
With effect from August 1, 2022, the ban on medical cannabis in the Narcotics Act was lifted. Doctors can prescribe medicinal cannabis without the approval of the FOPH.
This is a tremendously big step for all of us and we have already submitted certain applications to of course be a part of the cannabis legalization.
Specifically, as of August 2nd, 2022, two separate applications were submitted to the responsible authorities and we hope to give you more positive news about this within the next few weeks.
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Your Cannerald & CannerGrow Team