Schedule of the Grow-Rooms in Fraubrunnen and Plant Transfer

by Cannerald
Posted on April 26, 2022 16:00

Dear Cannerald and CannerGrow Community,

Important first information:
The last 2 deliveries from our Canadian GMP cutting supplier arrived last week. In the past, deliveries from the Canadian company had been delayed. Since we were dependent on these cuttings for the starts of our Grow-Rooms, we could unfortunately not accelerate anything here.
As of today we can happily inform you that we are autonomous again and our mother room has more than enough capacity for all further Grow-Starts of the respective Grow-Rooms.
We are therefore independent from third parties again as of today.

Furthermore, we are pleased to present and illustrate to you in this blog article the final schedule of the respective starts of our Grow-Rooms including arrangements of the Grow-Rooms of our production site Fraubrunnen.
Here we show you the originally planned schedule of the respective starts of the Grow-Rooms and the now final schedule of all Grow-Rooms of the entire production site Fraubrunnen.
Due to construction measures and the various approval procedures, the Grow-Rooms can’t start in the order we planned.

The planned schedule of the respective starts of the Grow-Rooms would have been as follows:
Blue route = the originally planned route. Here the plannend schedule has been changed to start faster:
The current and final schedule of the start of the respective Grow-Room is now as follows:
From now on, new Grow-Rooms will gradually start weekly on the 1st floor and later on the 2nd floor. This until the entire Fraubrunnen production facility including all Grow-Rooms, Mother-Rooms, Baby-Rooms and Veg-Room is up and running (see also blog article here).
Unlike originally planned, the double-story Grow-Rooms of the new building part (lower side) on the 1st floor can start earlier than our four-story Grow-Rooms.
To keep things fair for our community and to ensure that all plants purchased at an earlier time start in the correct order according to the time of purchase, we had to reallocate plants accordingly to the faster starting Grow-Rooms and their capacities.

Since new Grow-Rooms start weekly from now on, this week alone - calendar week 17 (25th April 2022 to 1st May 2022), this has almost no impact on you as customers.
Some plants start 1-3 weeks earlier than planned, other plants start 1-3 weeks later than planned.
The plants thus get a new grow room assignment, which represents the final assignment. This is because we can now start your plants earlier.
Instead of as in the originally planned schedule, plants from grow rooms that are not all completely finished and ready for operation will be fairly assigned to the grow rooms that started earlier, including the capacities of those, in the order of the time of purchase (see graphs above).

Harvest share of the company at the next grow of the Grow-Rooms Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel and India:
All plants that were previously assigned to the above Grow-Rooms will receive a harvest share of the company as we promised earlier (Blog article Foxtrot and Golf, Blog article Hotel and India) of the the upcoming grow.

Number of grow cycles for the marketplace:
Foxtrot and Golf have already completed 2 grow cycles.
Hotel, India and Juliet have already completed 1 grow cycle.
All Grow-Rooms that are allocated plants from Grow-Room Foxtrot and Golf will benefit and only need to complete the current grow cycle before they can be traded in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace.
All Grow-Rooms that receive plants from Grow-Room Hotel, India and Juliet will benefit and only need to complete two grow cycles before they can be traded in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace.

Additional information about our production facility in Solothurn:
Allocation of the plants from Sector Demeter to the four grow rooms: Demeter, Apollon, Hera and Athene.

Update 08.05.2022:
Important - When do which grow rooms start?
We have very good news for you! As already announced in our Cannerald Telegram News Channel (click - join now for free so you don't miss anything anymore), our six 15 meter long and massive recoolers were placed on the steel pedestal this week.
This was a very emotional moment for us with many participants on site. This is the event we've been working towards for the past 3 years and this week it finally comes true!
With a little more than 6.2 megawatts we are by far the largest Swiss Cannabis Production and only Novartis beats us by a bit in terms of cooling capacity! The elements will gradually allow more and more rooms to be launched until Grow-Room Zulu is running in a few few months!

πŸ‘‰πŸ» In this blog article you will find all the start dates of any Grow-Room from Kilo to Zulu (click here). πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Of course we have captured a few pictures of the placement of the six 15m long and massive recoolers on our steel pedestal:

New function in the Backoffice:
Private plant transfer (Activation from today, 26.04.2022, 8 P.M. CET):
Another important point, which you are already eagerly waiting for and which we have promised you, is the private plant transfer.
The plant transfer is possible from today at 8 P.M. (CET).
Plants that have not yet completed 3 grow cycles will be temporarily unlocked for the plant transfer for 30 days, up to and including May 25, 2022.

Under the main menu item "Your plants" (click) in the CannerGrow backoffice you will find the activation of your CannerGrow account for the plant transfer function in the upper right corner (starting at 26.04.2022, 8 P.M. CET).
The CannerGrow account that wants to transfer a plant (sender), as well as the CannerGrow account that wants to receive the plant (receiver) must activate the CannerGrow account for this function under the above mentioned point.

In the case of a plant transfer, as has been the case since the beginning and also in the case of the CannerGrow Community Marketplace, the harvest of the current grow in which the plant is located will not be distributed.
If the plant is currently not yet in an active grow, but still in a room that is under construction, the harvest of the first grow is not distributed.
As with the CannerGrow Community Marketplace, the plant is only transferable once per grow cycle.
This has been the case since the beginning and has the background that we do not want to be a trading platform where people focus only on trading plants in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace and thus destroy the Marketplace for our community.
The goal of the marketplace and private transfer is to provide more security for all customers.

In order to protect our customers, our sales partners, as well as our company, there are 2 conditions for the private transfer:
1. The CannerGrow account that transfers the plant (sender) and the CannerGrow account that receives the plant (receiver) must be level 2 verified.
2. The CannerGrow account that will receive the plant (recipient) must have purchased at least one plant, whether it still has an active plant or not is irrelevant.

Condition 1 has the following background:
Stacking and team changes are thus prevented.
You are only allowed to have one CannerGrow account, by an internal matching of the user data (like name, address, IP) one person can not verify 2 CannerGrow accounts on level 2.
Condition 2 has the background:
Every person who buys or gets a plant as a gift via plant transfer has already dealt with our company and company concept.
Therefore, it is impossible that, as unfortunately the past has shown, new customers can buy their first plant via plant transfer and were convinced with false promises by the previous owner of the plant.
Hereby we prevent that new customers get a wrong view of the company by false information. It is very important to us that people adhere to our values and do not give misleading information to new partners.

Your Cannerald and CannerGrow Team 🌱