Reset - all Grow-Rooms will be restarted

by Cannerald
Posted on January 7, 2022 17:00

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community,

As you have probably seen during on-site visits in 2021 from around Q4 of the year, or on the webcams since then, our cannabis plants no longer looked as lush green as they did between the start of our plant sales since 2019 until mid-Q3 2021 Everything was perfect - Premium Cannerald cannabis plants with wonderfully distinctive growth and smell. The quality of the harvest was also unique and, as we had publicly announced and set ourselves the goal, we were able to sustainably and steadily increase the yield of the grows from harvest to harvest. At that time, this was the greatest focus of our grow teams in addition to our already existing premium quality and we achieved this little by little, from grow to grow - because the quality of our buds was unique in all of Switzerland, confirmed by our customers as well by our CannerGrow plant owners.

Each of you could convince yourself during on-site tours in our production, as well as testing our pre-rolls on site, or the delivered harvest, how our plants and harvest stand in comparison to other producers - of the size and shape of the buds up to the taste and burning behavior of the cannabis when smoking. In the basement in the grow rooms Alpha to Echo, as described in other blog articles, we have upgraded the equipment which was installed in the beginning to the same maximum standard as the equipment in the expansion on the upper floor - because only the maximum is good enough for us and you as our community.

The presence of our company increased progressively:
Due to the quality and vision of our company, our maximum possible transparency with internal insights through videos and on-site tours, as well as through you as salespeople and customers, our media presence advanced ever further and faster.
The interest in on-site tours and visiting appointments increased steadily and so it came about that we often offered tours on Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays - up to 150 people over the 3 days over just one weekend.

Why did we give all interested parties a personal and internal insight into our production, despite live webcams that upload a picture to our CannerGrow backoffice every 60 seconds, many "evidence videos" with tours through our grow facility and the progress of the expansion on our Cannerald YouTube Channel, hundreds of pictures via various blog articles, insights via Instagram Stories and our Telegram-News-Channel?
Quite simply: Everyone wanted to see our cannabis facility with their own eyes, because there are many companies who have ripped their customers off the table.
We stand and have always stood for maximum transparency and have given everyone who really wanted this - an internal insight into our production, our grow rooms, our technical rooms, our mother room, our baby room, our drying rooms and trim rooms.
Only in this way could everyone perceive pictures and videos as well as our production to the full with all their senses and feel our burning passion for our company.
The feedback was gigantic every time and every visitor went home with a beaming smile after getting to know our company, our production, the management, employees and our plants personally.
During the guided tours, we always paid attention to the maximum possible protection:
Every visitor had to put on freshly cleaned protective clothing, such as a protective suit, hairnet, foot covers, protective gloves and, if necessary, a beard net.

Effect of the on-site tours and visit appointments on the grows:
Nevertheless, with so many visitors it is impossible that no possible pests are brought in into our grow facility. Be it because the visitors had been in contact with several things before, grow plants themselves, or even grow cannabis plants. The more strangers visit the production, about whom we do not know where they were before, the higher the risk - that is why we always counteract this with the maximum possible protective clothing.

The harvests got better from time to time, but in August 2021 our IPM team (Internal Pest Management Team) and quality manager discovered a problem during the routine inspection and subsequent analysis by our in-house bio-chemist on a few plants. Some of the plants analyzed were infected by various spores, which had never been the case in the past.

Direct action was required - analyzing and combating the problem:
Consequently other plants from the grow rooms were analyzed from various racks to see how far the spores had spread. In addition, samples were regularly sent to various laboratories on a weekly basis in order to have this checked again there.
At the same time, we got in touch with various of our contacts from the USA, Canada, Australia and Netherland, who are industry leaders in the cannabis sector and who work very closely with cannabis companies listed on the international stock exchanges. Some of our contacts here also work directly for those companies.

Back to the analysis of all grow rooms:
In some rooms the infestation was there, in some not.
The problem here: They are spores that can be transmitted through the air and water. Once you have this in your production, it spreads exponentially into all areas - even much more with on-site tours than without. The more people move around in production, the faster the spread.

We used all biologically possible means to eliminate the infestation of the spores as quickly as possible, and we used everything that was recommended to us by experts.
From our contacts we got to know that a spore infestation has also happened a couple times in cannabis companies listed on the stock exchanges. They also tried everything possible, but in the end nothing helped to completely eliminate the contamination. However, the only thing that was effective in solving the problem was a complete reset of the entire facility, whereby all biological mass is removed, everything is cleaned several times with a certain process and the facility will then be restarted.

We still tried to avoid a complete reset for you:
Since we as a company and you as our community are set up a little differently than listed cannabis companies on the stock exchanges, we wanted to avoid a reset by no matter what.
In addition, because we had to cope with some problems from the past due to the Corona-related situation with delivery and construction delays together with you as our community, although we could not help anything about these delays and problems.

Our quality department (QA) and our in-house biochemist did everything imaginable and we spared no costs for you to avoid a reset.
We had external contacts from the above-mentioned areas flown into our production facility in Fraubrunnen from the USA, Canada and Netherlands in order to assess and analyze the situation in more detail on site.
Week after week went by and we tried everything to fight it, yet the spores multiplied throughout our whole production area.

In the meantime, we had restricted the visiting dates, as we had published publicly and as you have noticed. One was no longer allowed to go into the basement, but only into the expansion on the first and second floors.

Current situation and final solution for long-term success:
This week, on Tuesday, 3 days ago, on January 4th, 2022, we had to make a decision - we can't avoid a reset.
All experts and consultants saw this as the only option as of now.
A reset means that we have to clear out all grow rooms and destroy any biological mass in our facility.
This not only affects the cannabis plants in the grow rooms, but also the current harvests of the Charlie, Bravo and Echo grow rooms in the drying rooms.
This is really not great news, but as you have got to know our company and our executives personally from the past, you can trust us that we have tried everything imaginable and that this is now the only possible step towards lush green cannabis plants again soon.

You as our community are always our top priority:
We know this is not pleasant, but believe us that we have tried everything possible to avoid a reset. As described above, we also brought in the best external contacts besides our in-house experts.
Our goal is and always has been to have everything set up for the long run in the best possible way so that you are happy with our company in the long term.
The current CBD production is only the beginning and first step - our goal and our vision, which we will definitely achieve, is the pharmaceutical THC cannabis market - this does not happen overnight as we have always publicly announced. It pays to be patient.

Now you are surely asking yourself: "What does this mean for me as a customer?"
Since we have to remove all biological mass of the entire production in Fraubrunnen - remove all plants of the active grow rooms and remove the current harvests of Charlie, Bravo and Echo from the drying rooms, there is logically and understandably no harvest which can be delivered, sold or can be redeemed against special prices in the shop.

As a result of the reset, you as customers would normally have “lost” one harvest in the Grow-Rooms Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf and the recently launched Grow-Rooms Hotel, India and Juliet.
Doesn't the insurance company cover this? No, as the contamination occurred through on-site tours through visits.

Since we appreciate you as a community, we have decided to credit all our customers with plants in the grow rooms which are/have now been closed (Alpha to Juliet) for your part of the lost harvest of this grow in the backoffice in your CannerGrow accounts. We will fully reimburse you for the lost harvest of the lost grow and you will not suffer any damage.
For more details, see below.

Current procedure for the reset of the entire production with all details:
From today until February 6th, 2022, the entire facility will be cleaned several times with a specific cleaning process so that all spores will be removed.
Then the entire production will be restarted.
It should be noted that, due to the processes of the grow cycles, we will start one room per week on a weekly basis.

The current and detailed plan looks like this:
Cleaning of the entire facility and production: Offices, basement (basement), first floor (1st floor) and Second floor (2nd floor) until February 6th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Alpha: February 18th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Bravo: February 25th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Charlie: March 4th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Delta: April 4th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Echo: April 14th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Foxtrot: April 26th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Golf: April 29th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Hotel April 29th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room India: May 4th, 2022
Planned start of the Grow-Room Juliet: May 6th, 2022

It is also planned that the following Grow-Rooms Kilo, Lima, November and Oscar will also start at weekly intervals after the start of Grow-Room Juliet.
However, sector Papa and Grow-Room Yankee will need a little more time and between June and September every Grow-Room , including our vegetative rooms, will be active in our production in Fraubrunnen.

Further procedure and goodwill of the company:
As soon as we have the GMP approval, we will reimburse you over our first 3 GMP Grows with respectively on third of your lost harvest-share of your respective plants of the current omitted grow
However, the harvest will be credited into your CannerGrow accounts in the backoffice this week until Sunday evening.
One third of this can then be sold with the harvest distribution of our first GMP grow, one third with our second GMP grow and one third with our third GMP grow.
"Why don't I get the full harvest-share of the current “lost” harvest of my plants during the first grow after the reset or the first GMP grow?"
We would like to do this as a company, but it is our corporate responsibility that the company is secured with capital, as we build everything on a long-term basis. GMP approval, employee costs that are not working in the production area, research projects, studies and much more are all paid from our harvest share, which is 40%.

Brief description for easy understanding:
At first the additionals costs (grow costs) are deducted.
Afterwards 50% of the harvest is distributed to the customer, 10% is distributed to the affiliates/sales people (20% of 50% of the customer is 10% total) and  40% is our company harvest-share.

The entire capital of selling plants goes into expanding our production, as it has often been explained.
By the way, every person who watches our YouTube videos (click), follows and reads our Cannerald Blog (click), follows our Instagram Stories (click), follows our Telegram-News-Channel (click) or the best - personally visited us on a on-site visit in our Sacred Halls of Cannerald should be able to understand this easily based on the extent of our equipment and production.

However, there won’t be residual commission for affiliates and salespeople with this lost grow - this is not possible and should be more than understandable given the extent of the situation.
In the past, we have always shown maximum goodwill in all situations and have waived capital for our company.
Why do we act like this and often forego money for our company?
1. Long-term vision
We are still at the beginning of the cannabis industry, with the progress of legalization, our unique facility in the heart of Switzerland, which is designed and built for pharmaceutical THC cannabis cultivation, future research projects and studies, we are planning absolutely everything long-term.
You mean a lot to us as a community - we don't plan for a year or two and the current CBD cultivation is, as is often published, only our entry point!
In contrast to other companies, we want to show you and let actions speak for themselves, how seriously we mean this and that, in contrast to other companies which often speak of “community”, this is not marketing for us.
2. Customer satisfaction
So that you as our community, despite problems that did not arise from us as a company, always suffer the least impact and the least damage.
You can use blog articles and our behavior/deeds to see in black and white how much profit we as a company have already foregone.
For example, due to delays in the start of the Grow-Rooms due to the corona situation and delivery problems - see blog articles about Grow-Rooms Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel and India, as well as many other actions/deeds, such as the sale of another 10.000 plants for 1599.34€  instead of 2500€ per plant so that absolutely every person could still buy plants for 1599.34€ in advance due to the large rush of interest.

👉 Proof of blog article about Grow-Room Foxtrot and Golf (click)
👉 Proof of blog article about Grow-Room Hotel and India (click)
👉 Proof of blog article on the sale on the sale of another 10.000 plants for 1599.34€ instead of 2500€ per plant (click)

If you work out these sums, you can get an idea of it and assess how important you are to us as a community, this is an 8-digit sum.
Grow-Rooms Foxtrot and Golf, as well as Grow-Rooms Hotel and India, will of course receive the earlier promised full harvest-share from the past directly with the next grow after the reset, see blog article above.

More and precise details on how the crediting of the lost harvest of the current grow cycle will take place:
Each customer with plants in Grow-Rooms Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India and Juliet will get the harvest quantity (CBD in grams) of the average of the customer's harvest-share of the last 7 grows booked into your CannerGrow account in the backoffice as Grow.
However, this harvest does not yet exist and is therefore currently not deliverable, not sellable or exchangeable for beneficial prices in our Cannerald online shop.
Over the first 3 GMP grows, one third for each GMP grow of this credited harvest-share will be “activated” for delivery, sale or exchangeable for beneficial prices in our Cannerald online shop - so none of you has lost anything or suffered damage

Where can the credited harvest be found?
Under the main menu item "Storage" (click) you will be able to see which harvest will be distributed with a delay.

When will I be able to see this credited harvest in my CannerGrow account in the backoffice?
At the latest from Sunday this week, January 9, 2022 towards evening.

At what point is the credited harvest-share available for delivery, sale, or exchangeable for beneficial prices in the Cannerald online shop?
One third of the credited harvest-share will be “activated” at the first GMP Grow - (1/3).
The second third of the credited harvest-share will be “activated” on the second GMP Grow - (2/3).
The last third of the credited harvest-share will be “activated” on the third GMP Grow - (3/3).

Very important:
1. The credited harvest-share from this “lost” grow which we reimburse and take on our shoulders is linked to your account, not to the respective plant.
2. As from the beginning, a harvest can only be sold or delivered if you have at least 1 plant at the time when you want to deliver or sell the harvest.
3. Also a harvest is only deliverable or sellable when you don’t have a negative balance.
4. The grow will now count towards marketplace sales and plant transfers like a normal grow. After 3 completed grows, as since the beginning, you can transfer your plants privately or sell them in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace. For more details see here under point 7 (click).
5. Grow-Rooms Foxtrot and Golf, as well as Grow-Rooms Hotel and India, will of course receive the earlier promised full harvest-share from the past directly with the next grow after the reset, see blog article above.

Everything was now described clearly and understandably about the current situation.
This blog article will be sent to all customers with plants in the Grow-Rooms Alpha to Juliet today, Friday, January 7th, 2022 via newsletter - if someone does not receive the newsletter, they have not subscribed to our newsletter (click) and consequently we are not allowed to send this person a newsletter.
In addition, the blog article is visible in the backoffice in the dashboard and is posted in our Telegram-News-Channel (click) as always.

Nevertheless, we ask all affiliates and sales people to forward this blog article to their teams and customers of the Grow-Rooms Alpha-Juliet so that everyone is really informed about the situation.

More blog articles will follow over the next few days about Cannerald, possible open questions and updates. After reading these blog articles, there will be no more open questions.
In addition, an update video about the current status of the expansion and production in Fraubrunnen will be uploaded to our Cannerald YouTube Channel (click) in January.

Update from Sunday, January 9th, 2022 (9 P.M.):
As described above, all lost harvests from the 10 Grow-Rooms: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India and Juliet are currently being credited to your CannerGrow accounts in the backoffice, this will continue until around midnight.
Harvest credit for 3-star plants: 22.20 grams per plant (average of the last 7 harvest distributions per 3-star plant)
Harvest credit for 2-star plants: 9.10 grams per plant (average of the last 7 harvest distributions per 2-star plant)
Harvest credit for 1-star plants: 5.40 grams per plant (average of the last 7 harvest distributions per 1-star plant)

You can easily recognize the respective harvests in the backoffice: For the respective harvests in the main menu item "Storage" (click) it says "locked" and you can see the total "locked" harvest amount by means of the lock symbol in the dashboard in the box with the title "Harvest (CBD)" (click).
In the main menu item "Storage" (click) the already credited "locked" harvests can be found at the bottom of the page.
With the first, second and third GMP Grow, a third of this "locked" harvest can be delivered, sold or redeemed in the Cannerald online shop at beneficial prices.
One third of this harvest is activated for each GMP Grow - until then, the harvest remains "locked" in the backoffice, but is completely visible.

Here again clearly understandable for complete transparency:
Last 7 harvest distributions per 3-star plant:
1: Fourth Delta Room Harvest
2: Seventh Alpha Room Harvest
3: Fourth Echo Room Harvest
4: Third Charlie Room Harvest
5: First Golf Room Harvest
6: First Foxtrot Room Harvest
7: Sixth Bravo Room Harvest - new record!

Last 7 harvest distributions per 2-star plant:
1: Fourth Delta Room Harvest
2: Fourth Echo Room Harvest
3: Third Charlie Room Harvest
4: Third Delta Room Harvest
5: Third Echo Room Harvest
6: Second Delta Room Harvest
7: Second Charlie Room Harvest

Last 7 harvest distributions per 1-star plant:
1: Seventh Alpha Room Harvest
2: Third Charlie Room Harvest
3: Sixth Bravo Room Harvest - new record!
4: Sixth Alpha Room Harvest
5: Fifth Bravo Room Harvest
6: Second Charlie Room Harvest
7: Fifth Alpha Room Harvest

Update from Sunday, January 9th, 2022 (11.45 P.M.):
All harvests were credited to the backoffice.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow Team