Last Room "Zeus" Special - 50% Discount at Cannerald Online Shop

by Cannerald
Posted on July 18, 2022 20:00

Dear Cannerald and CannerGrow Community,

as known from previous shop promotions and years, the Cannerald 420 promotion on April 20th of each year is our shop promotion with the biggest discount in the Cannerald Online Shop.
Since we as a company will stop selling plants for at least 2-3 years after the sale of our last grow room, grow room Zeus, we have come up with an even better special as a thank you for you, our Cannerald and CannerGrow Community.
This special with such a high discount is unique and will never happen again. With this promotion we want to thank you for the last 3 years since the start of our plant sale.

Sale of Growroom Zeus - 50 percent discount on the entire Cannerald Online Shop range
We have a large volume of our products in stock for this campaign.
Action only valid while stocks last!
We thank you for your loyalty and look forward to our future together.

After the sell out of grow room Zeus, a new era of our company is opened.
We will focus solely on optimizing our production, the pharmaceutical cannabis market, cannabis education, and cannabis research and studies.

Here you get to the Cannerald Online Shop:
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)

1. Redeeming the coupon code:
The discount only applies if you add the coupon code “Zeus” to the shopping cart when ordering.
2. Payment via bank transfer:
Please make sure that you transfer to the correct bank currency account (currency account EUR or CHF).
After a successful order you will receive the bank wire transfer data and our bank details via email.
Please put the order number as the reason for payment when making your bank wire transfer.
Please also pay attention to the currency. You can either pay in EUR or CHF.
EUR to our EUR currency bank account, CHF to our CHF currency bank account.
3. Payment via CannerGrow Payment (only select if there is enough on your credit balance)
In our online shop it is possible to pay with your CannerGrow EUR Balance or CannerGrow CBD Balance.
If you select this when ordering in the shop, you will then be forwarded to the CannerGrow backoffice, where you have to confirm the payment.
Please only select “Pay with CannerGrow Payment” if you have enough EUR on your CannerGrow EUR Balance or CBD on your CannerGrow CBD Balance in your CannerGrow backoffice.
You can check this in advance by going to the main menu item “Shop” (click) in the CannerGrow backoffice, your available credit for the shop will be displayed there.
With the CannerGrow CBD Balance it's not calculated with 4.20€/gram as usual for this promotion, but 2.10€/gram.
If you make a mistake, please write to our Cannerald Online Shop Support that you would like to change the payment method to bank transfer.
We expressly ask you to pay attention to this.
In past campaigns we have received hundreds of inquiries from customers regarding this, why the order has not yet been shipped, but the customer has selected CannerGrow Payment and has not paid.

Here you get to the Cannerald Online Shop:
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop (click)

Here you get to the Cannerald Online Shop Support:
🇪🇺 EU Cannerald Online Shop Support (click)
🇨🇭 Swiss Cannerald Online Shop Support (click)

We wish you lots of fun and enjoyment with our Premium Cannerald Products!

Your Cannerald and CannerGrow Team 🌱