Last possible upgrade option for all 1-Star and 2-Star plant owners

by CannerGrow
Posted on January 6, 2021 18:50

Hello plant owners 🌱,

once again this blogpost is about the plant upgrade for 1-star and 2-star plant owners, which we announced several times and in detail starting from August 1, 2020 through all of our channels. This is the last chance for a possible upgrade - after that there is no more option.
This does not affect all members with 3-star plants and members from the rooms on the upper floor - Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo and Lima and you can ignore this blog post.
Nevertheless, of course, please forward it to your teams and friends at CannerGrow so that everyone who owns 1-Star and/or 2-Star plants can read about this as soon as possible.

We have given all community members enough time for the upgrade - you now have had over 4 months to decide whether you want to upgrade your plant(s) or not.

3 x 1-star plant (350€) → 1 x 3-star plant (+ 50€ cashback)

2 x 2-star plant (500€) → 1 x 3-star plant

This was either possible for free if you had enough plants to do so or you could buy the upgrade.
With an upgrade you had a price advantage of almost 100€ per upgrade to a 3-star plant compared to the current price.

Reference values for 1-star and 2-star plants (for 2021):

1-star plants: 17.3 grams per plant, calculated additional costs: 14.39e per plant, yield of the customer's harvest per 1-star plant: 5.22 grams of CBD
2-star plants: 24.9 - 26.4 grams per plant (Charlie, Delta, Echo), calculated additional costs: 16.59€ per plant, customer yield per 2-star plant: 8.43 - 9.25g grams of CBD

The 1-star plant owners in Alpha and Bravo can also assume these harvest amounts, because this time we have grown according to the correct cultivation grid for their plant level.

You can find detailed reference values in the previous harvest reports on our blog (Echo, Delta, Charlie).

Please note that in the previous grows the company has taken on a large part of the additional costs for you. We will probably do this for another 1-2 grows, but then no more.
The correct additional costs per plant per grow would have been:
Per 1-star plant: 21€
Per 2-star plant: 24.20€

Calculation of the harvest:
Gross harvest yield minus additional costs = net harvest yield
Net harvest yield divided by two = your distributed harvest yield

All detailed information why an upgrade is beneficial is available here (click).

Today we offer you the last chance to carry out the upgrade in the back office during the offer period.
We have informed you several times over the last few months and weeks, also several times by email, and everyone should have heard the information about the upgrade several times.
Please forward this message or this blog post to all of your team partners and friends who have plants in the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta or Echo rooms - this is expressly the last chance for an upgrade - it will never be possible to upgrade again later because we will move all non-premium (1-star / 2-star plants) to a separate room.

Does moving 1-star and / or 2-star plants into a separate room have a negative effect?
We want to keep everything structured and our growers also told us that it would be counterproductive for the 3-star premium plants if we use different cultivation grids in the same room (1-star, 2-star and 3-star plants in the same room).
Counterproductive in the sense that mixing the plant levels with their different cultivation grids (1-star, 2-star and 3-star) could have a negative effect on the yield of our premium 3-star plants.

In the backoffice you will find 3 options:
1) 80% refund of the initial purchase price for all 1-star and / or 2-star plants that you own
2) Upgrade function (either free of charge if there is a sufficient number of plants, see above or it can alos be purchased by bank deposit, Bitcoin or from the balance credit)
3) Moving the 1-star and / or 2-star plants into a separate room, in which we will grow all 1-star and 2-star plants in the future. The current grows are not affected.

If you or your team partner do not select any of the 3 options, option 3 will be selected automatically after the countdown has ended.

We would like to ask you once again to inform all of your team partners and friends of the CannerGrow Community who have plants in Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta or Echo as soon as possible, as unfortunately not everyone in our community follows our blog articles, Telegram posts, Instagram stories or emails.

This is also the last chance for an upgrade or an 80% refund of the initial purchase price for 1-star and 2-star plants.

Please also consider here that 1-star and 2-star plants can’t be sold in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace.

Login into the Backoffice and pick your choice - click here.

Furthermore, we hope that you all have planned time for the webinar with our co-founder Levin Amweg and the two german sales managers Sadin Kurbegovic and Patrick Kogler on Saturday, January 9th, 2021 at 7 p.m. (german time)
We will announce exciting news for 2021, the current status, news about the company and further planning.
You can use the link in the back office to invite interested parties to the webinar with your affiliate link.
After the webinar, as last time, there will be a Q&A round where you can ask questions to our co-founder and our german sales managers.

We look forward to seeing you and we wish you and your families a happy new start into the year 2021 - this year we as a community will break all records together and we are also looking forward to seeing you all at our housewarming party in the new office to get to know (as soon as this is possible and permitted again according to Corona regulations).

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.