First Golf Room Harvest

by CannerGrow
Posted on September 24, 2021 18:00

Hello plant owners 🌱,

We are happy to announce that the first harvest of the Golf Rom has been a success and has been booked into your dashboard.

The entire Cannerald team is pleased to be able to successfully offer our customers the first harvest of the Golf room - the harvest has just been booked in your dashboard.

On average, each 3-star plant produced 54.8 grams.

Since we as a company forego our harvest share for this harvest in Room Golf, as well as for the next harvest, each customer received 34.47g of CBD per 3-star plant - see the calculation below.

↗️ We can also proudly announce that we we able to get a sales price of 2.10€ per gram ↗️

The proportion of the harvest from Cannerald was correctly given to the customers, see blog as explained at the time here under point 4 (click).

34.61€ additional costs were charged. This is the full ancillary costs as stated in the terms and conditions and in the purchase contract.
We would have gladly accommodated you with the ancillary costs, but this is not possible because we as a company forego our entire harvest share (as promised) and thus have 0% of the harvest and therefore can't accommodate.

Calculation of the harvest:
Harvest yield in grams: 54.80
Additional costs: 34.61€
Selling price per gram: 2.10€
Share customer: 90% (normally 50%, but Cannerald gives up his 40% share)
Affiliate share: Total 20% to the usual 50% of customer, 10% total to 100%

Detailed calculation:
54.8 (grams) x 2.10€ (sales price) = 115.08€
115.08€ - 34.61€ (additional costs) = 80.47€
80.47€ / 2.1€ (sales price) = 38.3 grams
38.3 (grams) x 0.9 (90% customer) = 34.47 grams for the customer

Analysis-Report will follow within the next weeks.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.