Fifth Alpha Room Harvest

by CannerGrow
Posted on March 19, 2021 22:00

Hello plant owners 🌱,

We are happy to announce that the fifth harvest of the Alpha Rom has been a success and has been booked into your dashboard.

The following information is important, especially for plant owners of the rooms Alpha and Bravo:

In previous harvests, which we announced to you here in the blog (Alpha and Bravo), the 1-star plants were grown in the cultivation grid like our 3-star premium plants. This was possible because more than half of the plants in the Alpha and Bravo rooms belong to the company - so we were able to remove the majority of the plants for test purposes and only plant the customers' plants in order to achieve the perfect conditions (and distances) for the 3-Star premium plant. Thus, every owner in these two rooms received yields as with a 3-Star premium plant out of goodwill and gratitude for the early entry and trust in us as a company, which was also clearly reflected in the yields.
As already communicated several times before, we have now implemented the correct cultivation grid for 1-star plants, this time for the first time in this grow in room Alpha.

More detailed information can be found here (click) as text and also in video form.
Therefore, as well as due to a community request, we introduced the optional plant upgrade on August 1st, 2020, with which you could and can upgrade 1-star and 2-star plants to 3-star plants, also upgradable via bank transfer or Bitcoin if you don't own enough plants to upgrade for free.
Attention: We have informed you about this for several months and advised you to upgrade - it is no longer possible to upgrade!

Since we started growing in the grow-rooms Echo, Delta and Charlie, we have been growing all plants according to their price level. This has now also took place for the first time for plant owners of the Alpha room.
Here (click) you can read more about it again.

The entire Cannerald team is pleased to be able to successfully offer our customers the fifth harvest of the Alpha room - the harvest has just been booked in your dashboard.

On average, each 3-star plant produced 54.6 grams and each 1-star plant produced 17.4 grams.

We accommodated you with the ancillary costs and we will also do it so 2-3 grows more until we are satisfied with the optimization of the grows.
Customers were charged 24€ additional costs per 3-star plant and 14,39€ additional costs per 1-star plant.
So you get 21,60 grams of CBD credited for each 3-star plant and 5,30 grams of CBD for each 1-star plant.

↗️ We can also proudly announce that we we able to get again a great sales price of 2.10€ per gram ↗️

Calculation of your distributed Harvest:
Gross harvest yield - (minus) additional costs = net harvest yield
Net harvest yield / (through) 2 = your distributed harvest yield

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow team.