Dashboard poll for our CannerGrow community!

by CannerGrow
Posted on April 16, 2020 18:00

Dear CannerGrow Community,

Your opinion is very important to us - that's why we have included a crucial poll for you in the CannerGrow Dashboard today. We hope you'll like it! :)

The poll will only be available online for 48 hours - that way, we can implement the results as soon as possible. Therefore, it would be great if you could inform all your team partners about it, since only that way we will have a real, meaningful decision for our entire CannerGrow community:

This time, we would like YOU to decide how to proceed with CannerGrow and the plant sales!

You will find the voting for this in the CannerGrow Dashboard as soon as you log in.

For you to have all the necessary facts, here is some background info: About 2 weeks ago, we got a very good offer for another location in Switzerland, which is also near Bern.

All plants that have been sold for the location in Poland so far, would be grown in Switzerland if you decided for the location there. All other plants that are being sold would be grown in Switzerland as well, of course.

Advantages of a second location in Switzerland:

1. The locations of the two facilities would be closer together.

A visit to the current plant and the possible second plant in Switzerland would be fairly easy. Thus, all interested parties coming from you, the CannerGrow partners, could first visit the current, soon- to-be-completed plant and then our new site, which would then be under construction.

By the way, the travel time from location 1 to location 2 is only a few minutes by car - visitors could also easily get from one plant to the other by public transport within a few minutes.

2. We could sell more plants to our CannerGrow community right from the start

The expansion potential of the plant is more than twice as large as the entire site in Poland itself. Another very positive aspect in this context is that we wouldn't need to take a break for a long time in order to work on the expansion of a third hall. The plant sales could therefore continue non-stop, which would of course also be to your advantage!

3. Due to the above-mentioned aspect - namely that we could build a huge plant more than twice as big as the site in Poland by implementing the second facility in Switzerland with you, as the CannerGrow Community, we would become the biggest indoor cannabis producer in Switzerland!

4. Another advantage is that - thanks to our very high cannabis quality - we are currently number 1 of all cannabis producers in Switzerland! And it gets even better: For the upcoming cannabis harvest of the current plant in Switzerland, we already have secured buyers, so that your harvest has been "pre-sold" for several months, so to speak.

At the same time, the demand for our quality cannabis is growing very strongly in Switzerland as well as in the EU.

5. Since we have already been in the planning phase for another location for several months, we can adapt the necessary preparations quickly and flexibly. After the expansion of the Charlie/Delta/Echo rooms, all the companies that have already been cooperating with us can move directly to the new location.

6 As already described in point 5, we visited the potential new location in Switzerland last week - together with our partner companies. The implementation of the first grows would be possible at the end of Q3/beginning of Q4 2020.


Will the start of the grow for currently sold plants for the site in Poland be postponed?

No, not at all! As already mentioned in point 6, we visited the site last week together with our partner companies; a realization of the first grow would be possible at the end of Q3/beginning of Q4.

How high were the costs in Poland? Is it still worthwhile to change the location?

Yes, definitely. We already had plans for Poland, but we can still withdraw from the sales contract for the hall. These were mostly expenses on our part, such as obtaining the state permit for the license and planning, which was largely handled by us.

Will the price of plant sales increase?

No, the second site in Switzerland will also be expanded to GMP-standards. The costs here are almost at the same level as in Poland, therefore we don't need to adjust the plant prices.

Can CannerGrow still continue to supply cannabis to the EU in the future (due to the higher THC content)?

Yes, definitely. In cooperation with a Swiss laboratory, we have the possibility to extract the THC content as desired to achieve a value of less than 0.2 percent. Thus, export to the EU will of course still be possible in the near future as well.

Your Cannerald Team.