Cannerald Update June 2021 - new video tour and more

by Cannerald
Posted on June 19, 2021 14:00

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community 🌱

we recently recorded new videos for you in German and English and have already uploaded them to YouTube (click)

As a company, we stand for transparency and, as so often already described, we would love to show you everything about our company, including construction plans and documents - but we as a company with you as our customers have to protect ourselves from the competition in the booming European cannabis market.
However, you don't have to worry, as you can see for yourself again from blog posts, pictures and from figures, data and facts about us, we are well-prepared for the future and the best possible quality in the European cannabis market!
There are currently many new upcoming cannabis companies and cannabis facilities emerging due to the cannabis boom, almost weekly and everyone wants to be a part of it - but you are welcome to compare our unique cannabis facility and company with others and form your own conclusions about how we are standing and are set up compared to them.

With us, at Cannerald, everything is geared towards the highest indoor GMP cannabis for the future pharmaceutical market, the requirements of expertise, as well as construction planning and construction costs are correspondingly high.
Everything with us is also set up towards longevity - every day our team pursues the goals of our company as well as of you, our customers, our community with maximum workload. This is the ultimate advantage at Cannerald - since we are in the top 1% of cannabis quality + soon will have GMP, we will always be well positioned despite many new companies trying to gain a foothold in the cannabis market. While most of or all of these companies grow normal cannabis, we are prepared for GMP and the pharmaceutical cannabis market. This is a long and expensive process which we have been working on for 2 years and will have completed within the next 6-12 months!

Many companies just only speak by words and not actions, but you can get your own picture of our company and how far we have come in the last few months. Things are moving forward with exponential speed and maximum quality!
Unfortunately, not as soon as planned due to the corona pandemic and the resulting delayed supply chains worldwide. Not only the delivery of the individually manufactured equipment had and still has delays in delivery, but also with its manufacturers and producers of the individual parts - the entire supply chain is delayed.

But we don't let that get us down, please understand if certain things are delayed a bit - it is often easier to express yourself negatively instead of looking at the overall picture, why things got delayed for which we can’t even a thing but always take full responsibility.
While other companies went bankrupt in the corona pandemic or are on the verge of bankruptcy, we have expanded many times over - with you, of course.
Ask yourself whether you would rather be a customer of a long-term and future-proof company, which you can visit at any time with an appointment booked in the backoffice with unique premium quality products in the online shop - or whether you would be happier as a customer of other companies when you see what the future holds for the next few years, and you are a part of it.

Everything we can show you, we show you. In this blog post you can see videos with the current progress, and below, videos from the past. Take your time and see for yourself how far we've come in the last few months.
If you want to deal with what we have created in the past few months, you are also welcome to read through all of our blog articles (click) and our Telegram News Channel (click).

Back to the videos where you can see our facility in front of your own eyes:
The first video is about the basement, with the different rooms such as mother room, baby room, grow room at the very beginning after the babies have been put in, grow room in the veg. Phase, grow room in the flowering phase and one of the harvest rooms where the plants are drying after the harvest.

The second video is about the current construction progress on the first floor - the clean room, brief insight into the construction plans, the cooling of our Cannerald facility, the two next rooms which are starting - Hotel & India, insight into the size of the drying rooms on the first floor, extent of the size of the current expansion, a brief glimpse into the future in-house laboratory and a brief glimpse into the second floor.

As a comparison, you can see a video from almost a year ago in End of June 2020 of the basement and the upper floor:

Video from Mid March 2021 of the Cannerald Offices and the upper floor with the status of construction at that time:

In this blog post here you can see even more and detailed insights with over 100 pictures of the status of the construction at the beginning of April:

In the backoffice you can also see webcams from each of our grow rooms, you can find them in the overview (click) when you scroll down.

Would you like to have even more insight into our company and get your own picture on site with us in the sacred halls of Cannerald?
No problem, here you can book a guided tour for our Cannerald Facility in the heart of Switzerland, always possible on Saturdays!

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We wish you a nice weekend,
Your Cannerald & CannerGrow Team.